…Trust Me…


Someday it will all make sense
How our roads to each were emotional obstacles.
Having to find yourself taking detours into relationships that weren’t meant to be.
Hitting roadblocks with the person that just didn’t appreciate the value in you.
Those bumps in the road that you hope the love you had will even it out for it to only conceal the cracks.
Dealing with all of the destruction of the relationship, while your heart is under construction.
Trying to find the shortcut that would lead you straight to me.
One day I will declare to be courageous and take down the ‘Out Of Order’ sign that has been hanging on my soul.
Because it will be you who has awakened my spirit.
I will be able to let down those emotional walls
To allow the endless flow of your love crash right into me.
When our paths finally collide, our life together will be created accidentally on purpose.
Trust me…it will all make sense.