…I Choose Me!


So that moment came…..

The last tear she chose to shed….

Her liquid prayers to me she broken promises from the shattered relationship 

The final ‘I love you’ that she will hear to mend the foolish heart he countlessly promised to protect.

They both came to the end of the ‘not so’ fairytale.

The never-ending emotional roller coaster has taken its final ride through the hell that they put each other through.

Every dagger of disappointment went through her heart ripping through all hope for their love.

Each wound she endured that was meant to weaken her, she used as strength.

Every lie told to her made her knowledgeable to detect a fool from a man.

The countless argument that crated a war between the two souls were created to be life test that she will pass.

Two years passed with hopes that he will choose her, 

But that very moment, she chose her. 

She chose to be the lover and the protector of her soul.

She chose to be the companion he never could be. 

She chose to be everything he wasn’t man enough to be…THE LOVE OF HER LIFE.


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