Dear Future Husband: Guarded Heart


So many men that I have encountered wear your mask. The mask disguising your beauty and concealing your spirit. Men dressed up in tailored suits dressed for heartbreak. Their crisp buttoned up shirt fitted to shield their cold heart with silk ties in resemblance of the false promises to “knot” my heart only for it to be twisted in your trail of lies and deception. The custom made blazer is the armor against the love that I have willingly shared only to be abused, manipulated, and tampered.


The false replicas of you have battered my heart. Although it  has seen some bad days, you give my guarded heart the faith that you will find me. My heart retains the bruises but still beats for you. The thought of the moment that you will enter my life is the fix that I need to repair my broken spirit. You encourage me to fall in love. You inspire me to be the woman that God created me to be for you. 

As I mend myself and empty my mind of the negative thoughts of past hurt, I patiently wait for you. I place my faith in God that he orders your path directly to my heart. I will be here with a open mind and a cleansed heart.

Until we meet my love,

B. Kadijat


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