Dear Future Husband

From my heart to my future husband….

On the days I am longing for affection, I envision this moment. Laying with you and mapping out our future with God, our navigator. As we converse , the bass of your voice is soothing to me. Every moment I spend listening and engaging you, I escape the world around us. All I hear and want to hear is you.

Being here in this space of love soothes my mind. We allow our imagination to be our paint brushes to draw the images of our future children. Our children will be greatest reflection of the love we create: loving, exciting, and effortlessly beautiful.

So as we drift into the early morning hours, I lay my head on your chest. Your heart beat is the music I need to send me to sleep. As I listen to your heart beat, our kindred spirits become one. I know that this very moment is where our hearts have joined.

These are the moments that I will cherish so I will patiently wait for you. As I wait for you, my heart and prayers for your arrival are with you.

My love, My King, My Everything

B. Kadijat