My Funny Valentine!

It’s funny how our worlds collide

Running into the man who was the light of my world on this Valentine’s Day!

Ain’t it funny?

Looking into your eyes sends flashbacks of the love that we once shared.

If you can read the writings on my wall, you will see,

I still have this Love Jones is still strong for you.

Remember how our rainy days were our times to just be.

Our days of laughter transitioned to nights of passion.

It sad that we don’t share in this world we use to call ours anymore.

I know you belong to her and I have a space in his heart

But these moments are still held to be true, that I still love you.

Maybe we can relive our yesterdays in the next life time.


Dear Future Husband: The Five Senses

As I drown myself in brown liquor and liquid thoughts..


It’s scary to know how bad I want you…

The base in your voice sends vibrations down my spine,

While your cologne awakes my senses…


Replaying every engaging moment is a special yet enticing scene. I taste your lips that is as sweet as nectar while our spirits exchange.

You exhale passion, I inhale excitement.

I exhale desire, you inhale satisfaction.


How can I want you so bad…when we haven’t met yet?

Till we meet my king….

**Artwork: @mcfreshcreates**

The Chosen Poison


Its 3:47am

Here we are…

As much as I try to run from you,

My heart makes three lefts and I smash right back to you.

Lying in the pool of lust after we promised ourselves that the last time was our last time…

The constant question that runs through my mind:

Why can’t I break this addiction of the afflicted love that we share?

Our love is toxic but it’s my favorite poison.

From our war of words to battlefield in the bedroom, anything less hostile will be our fantasy.

Each word serves a bullet to heart,

while each lick and kiss will heal my wounds.

Every touch puts my body in temporary insanity…

Only for my mind and heart to be sent to rehab.

Some have drugs, some have alcohol…

But I have you.



**I do not own the artwork** 

…Trust Me…


Someday it will all make sense
How our roads to each were emotional obstacles.
Having to find yourself taking detours into relationships that weren’t meant to be.
Hitting roadblocks with the person that just didn’t appreciate the value in you.
Those bumps in the road that you hope the love you had will even it out for it to only conceal the cracks.
Dealing with all of the destruction of the relationship, while your heart is under construction.
Trying to find the shortcut that would lead you straight to me.
One day I will declare to be courageous and take down the ‘Out Of Order’ sign that has been hanging on my soul.
Because it will be you who has awakened my spirit.
I will be able to let down those emotional walls
To allow the endless flow of your love crash right into me.
When our paths finally collide, our life together will be created accidentally on purpose.
Trust me…it will all make sense.

…I Choose Me!


So that moment came…..

The last tear she chose to shed….

Her liquid prayers to me she broken promises from the shattered relationship 

The final ‘I love you’ that she will hear to mend the foolish heart he countlessly promised to protect.

They both came to the end of the ‘not so’ fairytale.

The never-ending emotional roller coaster has taken its final ride through the hell that they put each other through.

Every dagger of disappointment went through her heart ripping through all hope for their love.

Each wound she endured that was meant to weaken her, she used as strength.

Every lie told to her made her knowledgeable to detect a fool from a man.

The countless argument that crated a war between the two souls were created to be life test that she will pass.

Two years passed with hopes that he will choose her, 

But that very moment, she chose her. 

She chose to be the lover and the protector of her soul.

She chose to be the companion he never could be. 

She chose to be everything he wasn’t man enough to be…THE LOVE OF HER LIFE.

Dear Future Husband: Our Escape

black love

Come with me…
Let’s escape the pressures of the world and run to exstacy. 

Let’s go to a place where our souls can be free. 

Come dream with me…

Lay with me as we paint the sky with our love, using our imagination to sculpt our future. 

Come with me…

Trust me with your heart that I can lead us to happiness, joy, and love. 

Pray with me…

When we endure weakness within ourselves, let’s seek our strength from Him. 

Be with me…

Let our souls become one. 

Until you arrive my love, my heart will wait for you.

Love Always,  

B. Kadijat

Dear Future Husband: Guarded Heart


So many men that I have encountered wear your mask. The mask disguising your beauty and concealing your spirit. Men dressed up in tailored suits dressed for heartbreak. Their crisp buttoned up shirt fitted to shield their cold heart with silk ties in resemblance of the false promises to “knot” my heart only for it to be twisted in your trail of lies and deception. The custom made blazer is the armor against the love that I have willingly shared only to be abused, manipulated, and tampered.


The false replicas of you have battered my heart. Although it  has seen some bad days, you give my guarded heart the faith that you will find me. My heart retains the bruises but still beats for you. The thought of the moment that you will enter my life is the fix that I need to repair my broken spirit. You encourage me to fall in love. You inspire me to be the woman that God created me to be for you. 

As I mend myself and empty my mind of the negative thoughts of past hurt, I patiently wait for you. I place my faith in God that he orders your path directly to my heart. I will be here with a open mind and a cleansed heart.

Until we meet my love,

B. Kadijat

Dear Future Husband

From my heart to my future husband….

On the days I am longing for affection, I envision this moment. Laying with you and mapping out our future with God, our navigator. As we converse , the bass of your voice is soothing to me. Every moment I spend listening and engaging you, I escape the world around us. All I hear and want to hear is you.

Being here in this space of love soothes my mind. We allow our imagination to be our paint brushes to draw the images of our future children. Our children will be greatest reflection of the love we create: loving, exciting, and effortlessly beautiful.

So as we drift into the early morning hours, I lay my head on your chest. Your heart beat is the music I need to send me to sleep. As I listen to your heart beat, our kindred spirits become one. I know that this very moment is where our hearts have joined.

These are the moments that I will cherish so I will patiently wait for you. As I wait for you, my heart and prayers for your arrival are with you.

My love, My King, My Everything

B. Kadijat